How Has Wifi Changed My Life

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Wifi has changed my life the most. If we didn't face wifi, we wouldn't be able to do as many things that we can do today. Wifi allows you to do countless things without much struggle. Wifi gives us a privilege to text, to search something up on the internet, and so many other things. Without wifi we wouldn't be able to text or get in touch with our friends and families. For most social media apps (Snapchat, Instagram, Message apps), you need wifi to contact other people. Say if a friend of my mine wasn't here today and he tries to text me to see what he missed. I wouldn't be able to receive the message or reply with a message without wifi. Same with your family. If someone in my family is trying to call me or text me and I arm not connected to wifi, I will not be able to receive the message or reply with a message. Being connected to wifi allows us to contact others and if we don't have wifi then something wrong could happen without us or another friend or family member knowing about it. Wifi allows us to search things up by using a browser (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.). A lot of people today find things out by simply typing in a word or phrase and can get information about the subject or object easily. All we have to do is type in a…show more content…
If we didn't have wifi, we wouldn't be able to receive notifications for our apps that give us certain information. For example, news apps can give us details about what happened or what someone did. If there was a murderer in someone's state, and they aren't connected to wifi, they can be in danger. If there is something the matter with the street that you always take home after work and you are not connected to wifi, you might accidentally go on that street and cause an accident or even fall into a hole where they were doing construction on. Having wifi could prevent you from getting hurt or even killed. So without wifi we could be putting ourselves into more danger than we actually
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