How I Got From Home

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Thy Ngoc-Diem Ly
Professor Sophia Russell
ENGL 1101/148
2 September 2015
How I Got Through
“Bye, my Tiny! Don’t worry about your father, just keep going!” she talked through the phone.
“Bye, Mom. And don’t skip any meal. You know your stomach very well.”
“And you take care, sweetie!” her voice was shaking.
“You, too. Bye, Mom! Goodnight!” I tried not to sound emotionally.
“Have fun in school.”
“You know I will.”
My Mom hung up the phone before she could start crying and I took off my headphone, stared at my laptop screen, thought about how much she missed me and had no idea what to do or what I should do next. That had been the way we finished every phone call for the last three weeks – the three weeks I’d been away from home. Of course I knew that I would go to a class, but what should I do for today, for tomorrow, and for my future? It was somehow so hard to see things clear. Every time we talked, I saw her in my mind with long curvy hair, deep hazelnut brown eyes and thin lips, and promised myself I would be the big girl she could be proud of. She was a mother who did everything for her children, and she did all her best to give me the best education and a chance to follow my dream, so there was no way I’d let her down (and also let me down). I always considered myself as a lucky one, because since I was a very young kid, I had already known who I desired to be, what I could do, what I was supposed to do to achieve my goals. And my Mom was the reason that made me even so

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