How I Handle Stressful Situations

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How I handle stressful situations. In a stressful situation such as homework or a game. I sit back, put on soothing music, that way I can think about the homework. See if I am doing anything wrong or what I need to do properly. Then I double check my work that I did already. After all of that, I proceed with the homework with ease. For stressful situations such as an argument or a fight. I don 't back down, But better yet Evaluate a person or my surroundings. I look for their body language, the tone of their voice, what they react to, and then just what my surroundings are like around that individual. When I get done evaluating them and my surrounding. I either completely end the situation with just walking away or talking it out with them. Without ever letting them get to me or showing I was stressed. My time management skills are more average than most students my age. I use a planner to write down a schedule of everything I need to get done each and every day. The most challenging academic course I have taken is Geometry. How I met the challenge was by paying attention in class, studying more, and always asking questions when I didn 't understand something. Starting my sixth grade year my parents got a divorce. Soon after that my father kicked me out of his house and was forced to a new school. I turned the negative into a positive, I got out of a helper class put into a normal class, they even wanted me to be
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