How I Have Improved On My Writing Essay

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1) I have improved in numerous ways during this semester in Composition 1. I have enhanced my writing skills such as being able to write proficiently, and being able to form an essay in a set amount a time similar to the 50 minute essay tests in class. This course has taught me to broaden my vocabulary throughout my essays in order for them stimulating and captivating. While writing essays and creating the works cited pages, I have learned to accurately cite websites, books, and articles. I have also learned to suitably place and refer to where I found the material used for the essays within, and at the beginning of, paragraphs. When writing my essays I have learned to transition smoothly, however, I still struggle with it every once in a while, the writing I do continues to enhance. My speech has also improved from standing in front of the class and presenting a group project along with fellow classmates. I now know what it is like and what to expect the next time I do it. I have improved in many ways during this course and I feel, overall, the portfolio represents my progress greatly.
2) I chose to present my self-evaluation in this manner because I am going to major in photography and I am currently in Art Foundations. I thought it would be appropriate that I connect my passions in a creative way. I chose the spiral sketch book because we are using this type of sketch book in my Art Foundations course. I also believe that the spiral sketch book is easily maneuverable and
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