How Important God Is The Most Difficult?

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In this assignment, I will be going into depth who God is, I will talk about humanity, Jesus, as well as Restoration. They will all be very tricky for me to write about, but I feel like the restoration of humanity will be the most difficult. This paper will hopefully give some new insight to how important God is in this world, and how much of a part He played in the creation of this world.
In the second discussion question of week two, we had to provide three characteristics of God. The characteristics that I chose were merciful, light, and our refuge, but in reality it’s hard to characterize God with only three characteristics. In fact, I saw many characteristics that were posted by my classmates that I hadn’t thought to list, such as the fact that God is eternal. But, to be honest, the bible is full of characteristics, especially in Psalm 145, in this particular passage it lists at least 19 characteristics of God. The textbook also states, “Some of these attributes can be seen through what God has created, and, most notably, through his eternal nature, his omnipotence, and his goodness.” (The Beginning of Wisdom) “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1) God’s creation happened in six days, on the seventh day he rested. God created day and night in the first day, He created the sky on the second day, on the third day He created plants, on the fourth day He created the sun, moon, and the stars, He created animals to fly in the sky and live…
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