Meaning Behind God

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The Hidden Meaning behind God When we talk about “God”, what will you think of? Some people might think of the story of God created human beings in Bible. Others might imagine that believers keep their figures crossed and pray devoutly in their churches, synagogues and mosques. Non-believers might claim that they don’t believe in God. Nevertheless, does God really only refers to religion? From my point of view, God contains the meaning that is more than religion. It also represents humanity. Recently, George Yancy, a professor of philosophy at Emory University published an article via New York Times entitled “Is Your God Dead?” By asking this provocative question, he argues that what God really expects us to do is to look at people’s suffering and deepen our collective responsibility, rather than only hold mechanical prayer rituals. Yancy challenges the subsistence of our God, by showing numbers of facts all around us. In his view, those who lost their Gods ignore beggars, the disabled, and the homeless people. They refuse to make eye contact with the “unclean”. They collectively accept the poverty, racial and sexual discrimination, xenophobia, and…show more content…
Some media and celebrities also posed similar content on microblogs to show their support. These remarks has immediately led to a universal discussion about whether China should accept refugees. According to an online voting, only 2.5% of the netizens show their support, stating that the government and the society should be humane to accept refugees. A majority of the netizens strongly oppose this idea, arguing that China is a developing country, and its socioeconomic status cannot support the lives of refugees. They also hold the view that the government should not accept refugees, since China is not a causation of the
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