Essay on How Inidividuals Suffer from Social Exclusion

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Social exclusion has been defined in many ways. It has been defined as a label for what would happen when individuals suffer from a combination of problems that may be linked, such as: unemployment, low income, health issues and etc. another possible definition is the lack of participating in social, political, economic and cultural life, which can be seen as alienation from the society. It is a condition of society rather than a condition of an individual. Social exclusion can be seen in all of these different definitions, which presents it as a multifaceted problem. Earlier in the ages, gender has always been seen as a form of social exclusion. Inequalities and gender differences are a fundamental factor for social exclusion. As there …show more content…

So, first, feminism values women as important and worthwhile human beings and second, feminism recognizes the need for social change if women are to lead secure and satisfying lives. The main social change that feminists promote is and end to any kind of domination: those of men over women and also among women in different classes. Conservatives on the other hand, promote to keep gender arrangements as they have been in the past years, with males holding public power and women being restricted to home and family. They have been also justified by both biological and religious grounds, so women should not be encouraged to try doing things that go against their “nature.” When there is an interaction between individuals, the influence of sex and gender associated. People use gender to make inferences about sex, as they use earlier observed sex characteristics to make inference about gender. For example, when man and woman go to buy a car, the sales person tends to direct the sales to the man rather than to the woman. The sales person acts according to his beliefs about which partner is more likely to make decisions, in this case to buy the car. These kinds of interactions are so ‘normal’ that they pass unnoticed when encountered.

As stated earlier, gender difference plays a great factor in social exclusion. Women are easily excluded when talking about career opportunities as career expectations have been “given” already.

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