How Is Agatha Christie Use Of Social Psychology

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How Agatha Christie uses social psychology in And Then There Were None
Group psychology has always been an important study when examining a group and how they react to each other, but what if this group of people is forced to be with each other, slowly killed off, and stripped of basic human rights. In the book And Then There Were None it does exactly these things and incorporates group psychology in a way to show people’s animosity and disregard for others’ lives when their own life is at risk. Not only does understanding psychology help in seeing that characters are slowly stripped of their humanity but it also, helps the reader understand that specific characters influence how the group makes decisions and how the story progresses. One of the major ways group psychologies attribute to individual behavior towards each other in a group is how the island guest’s attitude, the outlook of their current situation, and how they treated each other changes expeditiously throughout the story. In a study done by Philip Zimbardo called The Stanford Prison Experiment 18 people were split up into guards and prisoners, 9 of them being guards and 9 of them being prisoners. As the prisoners first arrived at the prison and were told what their crimes were, they experienced mild shock in somewhat the same way the island guests did as their crimes were stated on the record. From this point on, not only does it allow the other prisoners to place judgment on each other, it immediately

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