How Is Costello A Villain?

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This essay discusses a novel named blueback and a character in the book name Costello, Costello is a villain in the story if you want evidence just read on and see for your self

Written by Tim Wanton Blueback is about a boy Abel Jackson and his mother Dora Jackson who both live in a place called LongBoat bay. They face challenges such as the environment being harmed.
Costello is a villain because he is always up to no good and whatever he is doing is for money and he has all the traits of a villain and has no traits as a hero.
Costello harms the environment
He harms the Jackson’s
And his selfish motives

Firstly, Winton highlights that Costello is a selfish greedy character “Costello takes more than he needs” this proves the he is greedy and that no hero is greedy therefore he is a villain. For example, “Costello is …show more content…

Costello is called a hard case because anything he does is hard to stop this just supports that Costello truly is a villain because he is always killing illegal sized fish for money or just simply up to no good he has all the traits of a villain no hero would do anything for money but instead a villain like Costello would do anything for money. This is clear that Costello is an outlaw and is destroying the environment and he simply does this for money and this is just one reason why he is a villain think about it would any hero do such a thing like Costello’s

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