How Is It Different Countries?

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Sojood Abu-Rayyan Sociology 1101 Dr. Petten, Irene Dec, 7th 2015 How is it to be living in different countries? Every country has their own culture because of national differences and history. Culture can be defined as the values, beliefs and perceptions of a group of people. History, tradition and religion are the main influences on culture. This essay will analyze some of the main aspects of the political systems, economic systems and systems of stratification and inequality in Saudi Arabia and UAE. As a woman living in one county could be totally different than living in another one. Women 's status could be challenging in some countries and could be easy in another. Women 's status in each society and culture differs in different ways around the world. In some societies, women 's status improved progressively, while in other, it dropped or remained unimproved. Saudi Arabia has its own traditions that are carried from an Arab tribal civilization. There are many limitations on the way of living are implemented both legally and socially. The lives of men differ from the lives of women in Saudi Arabia in terms of the political rights that each one has, the job opportunities that each one can get, and the level of education that they have. This happens even though Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country and these inequalities are not endorsed by Islam. In the national law, men have more political rights than the women. Legal rights in Saudi Arabia are intended to be based on
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