How Is Motherly Love In Paper Menagerie

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If a child doesn’t love his mother, or even hate, can you image how horrible relationship is. What kind of people get sick of their mother ? Through the writer, Ken Liu’s short story called “ Paper Menagerie”, we’ll get in touch with the change in the relationship between his mother and himself. To put in a nutshell, his father is a American and his mother is “brought” by his father, ken looks upon down his mother so that dislike everything about his mother and his mother’s country. In this story, the author’s mother shows the love to his son at that time based on development of Jack’s development
She concerns and cares about his son in his childhood. The little boy always cried and sob in his earlier age, his father seems that has no idea …show more content…

Motherly love is selfless, when she contracts a fatal illness, she wishes that focus on what he should do and don’t worry about herself, “ She turned to [him] to me, still smiling, ‘ [she] know you have to go back to school.’” (Liu 5) How a great mother, she is voluntary to be sacrifice and don’t want to become a stumbling stone in order to interpret his bright future. After she died, she wrote a long letter to his son and says what she should in years. The context of this letter is talking about her family background, her experiences before she married to her husband, why she get marry with his father and interpret what the conflict between them, “ I know that you do not like your Chinese eyes, which are my eyes…how much joy your very existence brought to me? ” (Liu 8) All in all, the happiest thing is Jack existence for his mother, but her love has been neglected by his son, therefore the conflicts between is moe dramatic and causes alienation.
In conclusion, Jack’s mother’s love to his son consistently in terms of character developing of Jack. The way to get along with each other with regardless of countries, skin color, religion. Love is treasure, if someone concern that, the love is getting to be worthless and even despicable. It plays a significant role in our daily life, the context let everyone to reflect what love is and have you ever hurt the people who love you. Love is mutual and of inestimable

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