How It Feels To Be Colored Me By Zora Neale Hurston Analysis

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Racism has always been a big factor in the United States, less so in the 21st century but ever so present. This issue resulted in the longest and biggest human massacre in history, followed by decades of discrimination and horrific acts of abuse that are a reality until this day.

After slavery was deemed illegal, this only started a battle that African-Americans would have to fight for generations. They had to fight to be included, to be considered human, since their ancestors were stripped away of that right for so long.

If now, in the 21st century, African-Americans are still being mistreated, criminalized, and assaulted, the early 20th century was definitely a lot harder and that is what “How it feels to be colored me” is about. In this piece, Zora Neale Hurston describes her feelings and experiences as being a black woman in the United States in the beginning of the 20th century.

The author wrote this piece in a time when people didn’t want to hear what she had to say, they weren’t interested. She wrote this to convey some perspective on her life, on her town. She wrote this to show how her perception of herself changed over time. She wrote this to show that black was as others saw her, but she saw herself as much more than a skin color, she saw herself as Zora.

This essay was the story of the author’s self-discovery that puts the reader in the same position, looking into their own lives and their perception of themselves. It shows how the author used the negative
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