How Jane Austen Became a Great Author Essay

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Jane Austen is known for many of her great literature works. She has written six novels including Pride and Prejudice and Emma. When publishing her first four novels, Austen published them anonymously. Austen’s novels were extremely popular while she was living but became increasingly more popular after her death. Jane Austen’s unique style of writing was picked up on by nineteenth-century authors and used in their works (Steinbach). On December 16th, 1775, an author by the name of Jane Austen was born in the village of Steventon of England (Shelton). Jane Austen was one of her parents’, George and Cassandra Austen, eight kids. Because of the time period when she grew up, five of her brothers were much better educated than Jane. Her …show more content…

Not only did she do that though, she was also the first novelist to combine harmoniously in her narrative the internal and external formation of character (“Jane Austen”). Jane Austen carries this through in all of her novels as well. She writes about families living in provincial settings in every one of her novels (Steinbach). Becoming a classic novelist, was one thing that Jane Austen had in the bag. After being published, each of Austen’s novels slowly made their way up to becoming classics. By combining her way of showing meaning and drama she is able to get the result in misunderstood feelings. By setting her novels in environments where all her readers could relate, Jane Austen gets the readers more intrigued with what they are reading. Because of her way of using literary skill and moral understanding, she converts her novels into something no one would guess at first (Watt). Jane Austen has taken much criticism for the style of her writing, but amongst the criticism is praise. Austen is said to be a “brilliant stylist”. Because she was single all her life and had no children, she was considered to be unaware of the real concerns in life. She always stayed involved with the lives of her nieces and nephews, and to her, that made her completely aware of the real concerns. Austen shaped her novels on her love of contemporary theater and reflected her readings through her characters in her novels (Steinbach). Austen was a critic of her own work.

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