`` How Junk Food Ends Obesity, By David H. Freedman

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In the article “How Junk Food Ends Obesity,” David H. Freedman, an author and writer, discusses the pros and cons that weight engages in people all around the world. Freedman’s purpose is to solve society’s issue with obesity rates increasing by pushing and pressuring more processed food industry to be healthier. He incorporates ways for customers to eat what they like, but in a healthy way. This article, in my eyes, impacts many individuals that do struggle with weight in a time in their life. Freedman originates with a plan that if he can find a way to push healthcare system to eat better, business will expand. Not only will business expand, but more people will become healthy by eating the same food but without it being processed. His plan is to create a wholesome food movement that could work better, reducing the chance of obesity rates increasing. In my personal opinion, I believe that this is a great idea among adults. Freedman wants to make this society a better way to live. This article impacts many individuals who do struggle with their weight. Food is an addiction, a way to satisfy yourself by putting things in your body that is not needed. The obesity rate has increased and many people are dying due to processed food displayed in ads. In the article, Pollan discusses the worst factor of processed food given to people. As I was reading what Pollan felt about it, he says, “The food they’re making is making people sick” (508). I admire with what Pollan was talking

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