What You Eat Is Your Business By Radley Balko And Junking Junk Food By Judith Warner

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Whether or not a person wants a burger and french-fries’ or a salad from the salad bar, the decision should be up to him/her. Two articles share views on food, “What You Eat Is Your Business” by Radley Balko and “Junking Junk Food” by Judith Warner. These two authors wrote articles about how they felt about food and how it’s related to obesity. However, Radley Balko would not approve of Judith Warner’s views on food for the reason that the two authors have different viewpoints on the aspect of the government helping people to make better food choices. Warner and Balko also has different views on the ideas which are that eating is a psychological matter; and eating healthy should be a personal matter. Judith Warner and Radley Balko have different opinions on the notion that the government is helping people to make healthier eating choices, where one opposes it and the other supports the claim. Radley Balko shares the idea that if the government stops aiding people with health insurance easily, it will stop the poor eating habits and force people to choose healthier foods when shopping. Balko expresses his feeling sin the following statement: “And if the government is paying for my anti-cholesterol medication, what incentive is there for me to put down the cheeseburger” (Balko 397). This statement paints a clear image of one of the reasons behind unhealthy food choices, which is encouraged by the government by providing insurance for citizens spontaneously. Balko is upset

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