How Lean Construction Affects The Industry

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The assignment will be an essay on lean construction where I will pick a practical example where I will relate it to the construction industry to see how lean can affect the industry and how the industry can benefit from lean. The aim of lean is to remove waste complete where the product is the most valuable. The construction industry is known for wasting material or leaving project uncompleted due to finical or other reason I will analyse the the time and cost of lean seeing how it impact the practical example and hoe much time it will save for a project as well as the cost.

Lean production is known as lean where the aim is to remove waste, which is known as Muda a Japanese word which means waste, where the first company to use lean was Toyota. The company caught the “world attention in 1980” (Liker, 2004) as cars where lasting longer than American cars and Toyotas finical turnover was increased as well its shares increased by 24% when the market was crashing. Toyota production system (TPS) and lean production are similar as the aim is to remove waste and make the best quality product aswel to make the product the most valuable as this will make the production line will only have adding cost to the product none adding value. There is three types of waste the first waste is Mura a waste caused due to variation between products which can cause delay and further costing. The second waste is Muri which is cause by overworking employers to the maximum to the point where they

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