How Much Do We Really Know About Crime? Essay

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How do we know about crime?
A crime is an action or behavior that is made illegal. What we know about crime comes from what we see and what we hear from our peers and in the media. But how much do we really know about crime?
What we see gives us some knowledge of crime. We might be a witness to a crime but this can mislead us because we may not actually witness a crime happening at all. For example, a person may see someone trying to break into a car and report it, when in reality the person locked their keys in the car and was trying to get them out. Crime is also portrayed in the media such as in the newspaper, and it has even made its way into television shows and movies. But even the media isn’t that reliable because they focus on the more serious crimes. The media suggests that violence is more common than it really is because they tend to only focus on those crimes. Many crimes are portrayed on television shows and movies as a source of entertainment, such as Law and Order and The First 48. Many people may not have participated in a crime or been a victim of one so the media is their source for information about crime. These programs can influence what people believe and feel about crime. Many people feel afraid for their safety after watching these portrayals. Our peers also give us some information about crime. But they also tend to mislead us because when relaying a crime, they might not get the story correct or leave out important details.
How crime is measured…