How Muslims Worship in a Mosque

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A mosque (Masjid in Arabic) is a place for Muslims to worship God. The sacred space that I visited is “Dar AlHjrah” mosque in Falls church, VA. In my country every neighborhood has a mosque and each mosque has different shape and Design. Dar AlHjrah mosque had everything a mosque has. There’s “minaret” which is a slim tower attached to the mosque. The “minaret” shape was octagonal with pointed roof. The reason for the “minaret” tower is to make the call for prayer (Adhan). The color of the whole mosque from outside is white and beige. The mosque has a prayer hall (Musalla) which is the area for the prayer. Before entering the scared area which is the prayer area everyone is required to take off their shoes and place them in…show more content…
After praying we sit and read the holy book (Quran) and sometimes groups gather and read it out loud and discuss it. We share are knowledge of what lawful and sinful in Islam. The mosque does not limit interaction between people present because everyone stands in the same direction lined up next to each other doing the same tasks. In the mosque there is the raised platform “minbar” space which seems more sacred than other spaces because it’s raised up and it’s the place where the person who leads the prayer “imam” stands. I came to this conclusion because of the raised platform he’s higher than us which means he has more advantages. Also by the raised platform the imam is close to god more than us while praying. The mosque helps to focus attention on sacred actions. The carpet, the minbar, the adhan and the way prayers kneel and bow all help us focus on how they are doing it. The scared object used in the praying is the holy book Quran. Some Muslims praying say what they memorized from the Quran and some hold it and read from it while praying. The raised platform “minbar” is also considered a sacred object because it’s the place where the imam stands on to lead the prayer. The Quran is more sacred than other objects. Muslims treat the holy book “Quran” as something very valuable because it’s the word of God. If the Quran is dropped by mistake they pick it
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