How Nadine Gordimer Ends Her Stories Essay

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How Nadine Gordimer Ends Her Stories

Nadine Gordimers stories make enormous demands upon the reader. Mostly
on the first reading it’s even hard to know what’s actually going on.
But gradually a densely concentrated image or an idea will develop
after reading over the story again and concentrating on some
particular parts, like for example the endings. Indeed you should pay
much attention to them. Even through nearly every of them are slightly
different, they indicate what you should think about and leave you
with a curious eagerness to find out more, to get to know what happens
next. In fact I am sure that Nadine Gordimer just wants us to make our
mind work and mull over the main meaning of the story, to uncover what
she wants
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It emphasize the unfairness of the system, similarly
to the example mentioned before, this is very important to know.

Even through the importance of all of the endings is fairly comparable
there is a slightly difference between some of them, as brought up
before. The difference consists for example of the form. Nadine
Gordimer never leads the reader to a completely closed conclusion;
there always settle some unanswered questions. Sometimes there are
more questions than another time. In stories “An Intruder” and “Africa
Emergent” the reader really would like to get to know a lot more. What
happens to Marie and James, will they stay together? What about the
child? And what befalls to “him” after he comes out of the prison?
These endings are pretty incomplete, there are still some things that
we would like to know, while the ending of “Happy Event” is quite, but
not completely, complex.

Ella goes to Europe, Lena to prison and after she comes out shoe won’t
work at Ella’s house anymore. The only thing that would be attractive
to us and we don’t get to know it, is if Ella will go on feeling
guilty for what she has done. I am sure that the reason why Gordimer
doesn’t tell us these facts is that they are not…