How Native Americans Handle Symptoms of Illness

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Everyone gets sick and throughout generations they find ways to handle the symptoms. The ways that people define and decide to treat their illnesses depend on their culture. The Native Americans have developed their own ways to handle their illnesses. Their techniques should be incorporated more into modern medicine; this would improve the way modern medicine is practiced. The Native American’s believe that they are spiritually and physically connected to nature (Schwing, 2008). This is the way that Lori was raised on the reservation. She had attended ceremonies with her father as she was growing up (Alvord, 2000). Everyone should try to understand the Native American view, and try to adopt at least part of it. Weather someone wants to look at it from a spiritual way or a biological way the earth is interconnected with the people and the animals living on it. We are seeing more species of animals and plants being extinct, and it seems that most people do not care or just done realize that this is happening. Not only are we losing out on specific species themselves but also by how it will disrupt the balance of nature. Native Americans believe that people can get ill from an imbalanced life or diseases (Schwing, 2008). Lori had seen this many times with her patients in the hospital. When the people in the operating room were not balance with themselves and each other Lori noticed that the patients had rougher recoveries. Once she started to notice this she

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