How Nurses Can Better Their Skills Associated With The Map And Their Patient Centred Care

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Medication Administration and Mark Analyzing the acute care context is crucial when critiquing the many activities that nurses carry out during their shifts. This analysis ensures that these activities are being performed correctly, while also maintaining that the patient and his or her needs are at the centre of care. In particular, when examining the medication administration process (MAP), nurses must explore many factors, including the practice standards and guidelines that accompany this activity, the positive and negative aspects associated with current as well as best practice, barriers and facilitators associated with best practice, and how one can maintain his or her best practice within this activity. For the purpose of this …show more content…

Mark is sixty year old patient who has been admitted to the unit following an appendectomy and has a comorbidity of hypertension, which he was diagnosed with five years ago. As a result of this diagnosis, he has been prescribed various blood pressure medications by his family doctor to assist with controlling his pressure and has thereby been prescribed them during his hospital stay. These medications include metoprolol and ramipril, and are given orally, once daily (Karch, 2016). When Mark’s nurse has been giving these medications to him each morning at 0800, in addition to his other prescribed medications, she has not been incorporating best practice guidelines into her MAP. As a result, she is not only compromising the competence and safety of her care, but she is also putting Mark and his health at risk (Kim & Bates, 2013).
Medication Administration Policies, Standards, and Guidelines When reviewing the medication administration practices, it is important to evaluate it through an evidence-based lens. According to the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO, 2015), nurses need to “ensure that their medication practices are evidence-informed” (p. 3). Thus, it is crucial for those examining the MAP to review the various evidence-informed healthcare journals that outline the importance of and methods associated with proper administration, which will thereby allow for a comparison of evidence-informed practice with a

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