How Poliomyelitis Is A Contagious And Aggressive Virus

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Poliomyelitis is a highly contagious and aggressive virus which attacks motor neurones attached to the spinal chord and brainstem. There is no cure for Polio however there is a vaccine which contains a mixture of live and weakened strains of the three types of polio; Bulbar polio, spinal polio and bulbospinal polio. Poliomyelitis is an aggressive virus which is able to pass through the three line of defence. It is passed through the first line by the faecal/oral route and enters the bloodstream. It invades the T and B cells which are activated in the innate immune system and is fought by the antibodies in the stage of the Adaptive immune system, where symptoms are already exposed. In order to eradicate Polio more accessible treatment in developing countries as well as better sanitation is needed.

Poliomyelitis, or Polio is a highly contagious disease caused by the Polio virus, which can affect the spinal cord and brainstem. Although 90 - 95 % of who are acutely affected by Polio are Asymptomatic, 5 - 10% experience mild symptoms such as a head ache, fever, fatigue, throat pain and stomach pain and 0.5 % experience muscle symptoms such as muscle weakness, muscle spasming/twitching, loss of muscle tone and complete loss of movement in muscles. If the virus makes it’s way into the brain or spinal cord it can cause paralysis and even death. As mentioned before the disease spreads very easily between person to person, particularly affecting infants younger than 6 months. There

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