How Seamus Heaney's Language in His Poems Death of a Naturalist and Blackberry Picking

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How Seamus Heaney's Language in His Poems Death of a Naturalist and Blackberry Picking

Both poems are similar in their content as they are both written by Seamus Heaney about his childhood experiences. I also believe that both his experiences have a similar content.

In "Death of a Naturalist" we find that the poem is about being out in fields collecting frogspawn. In "Blackberry Picking" the poet is speaking again about his childhood experiences in the fields. This time he is collecting blackberries. This is similar to "Death if a Naturalist" as it is in the wild at a young age enjoying nature.

The titles are not so similar; "Death of a Naturalist" is a symbolic title. The title is not literal,
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Also in "Blackberry Picking" the poet's attitude changes between the verses. In the first verse the poet is enthusiastic and goes about picking blackberries with childlike enthusiasm. The poet uses run on lines to portray this excitement:

"The red ones inked up and that hunger sent us out with milk-cans, pea-tins and jam-pots where briars scratched and wet grass bleached our boots."

This childlike enthusiasm then turns to disappointment in the second verse. As the fruit that was picked begins to rot. An example of the poet's disappointment is seen when he writes

"I always felt like crying."

So in this way the two poems are similar the poet using contrasting moods between verses in both. Also in both the child seems to grow up in a sense, as their attitudes change.

I think the theme of both poems is also similar. I think in both poems the poet wants us to think about how our feelings and ideas change as we grow up.

This is seen most prominently in "Death of a Naturalist" as in the first verse, as a young child the poet seems enthusiastic:

"Daily it sweltered in the punishing sun" shows how the poet would go through all sorts of conditions to collect his frogspawn. But as he grows up his attitudes change and he almost becomes afraid or disgusted by the frogs and the frogspawn. He describes the frogs as being "gross bellied" which shows he is no longer very
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