How Sex Work Affect The Lives Of Sex Workers

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When one thinks about prostitution or they hear the words “sex worker”, the typical picture that resonates through their mind is a women standing on a street corner, wearing revealing or provocative clothes, and wanting to get money so that they can feed their drug habits. Although the stereotypical image of prostitution, this common image is not always accurate. Not only is the stereotypical image of prostitution incorrect, but the lifestyle that is associated with sex work differs greatly depending on your geographical location along with the history behind how sex work in that region originated. How others, including the government accept your work can also have an effect on the way of life for sex workers. These different factors…show more content…
Women who partook in the sex industry were seen as dirty and sinful, which was the case during the middle ages in Amsterdam. During this time period, sex workers were sometimes buried alive while other women had their ears cut off for sleeping with another man. Even though prostitutes endured brutal punishments brought on by other’s beliefs, later in the 1700-1800s, prostitution was seen as tolerable. During this time, Amsterdam was a booming port area. In areas that house many transportation hubs and terminals, prostitution has a functional aspect of ease (Aalbers and Sabat 3). Due to the overwhelming number of traders, sailors, and ship workers, prostitution became a social norm for travelers in Amsterdam. However, during this time, soliciting sex work and brothels were illegal. A brothel can be simply defined as a place where customers visit sex workers. Many brothels during the early twenty century disguised themselves as bars or parlors, which gave sex workers the opportunity to accumulate business easier. However, since brothels were illegal, most sex workers had to work alone or in shady situations. Although the Netherland’s government thought the prohibition of brothels would decrease the rate of prostitution and sexually transmitted disease, the act became counterproductive instead. Typically, when you take on a job such as prostitution secretly, then the risk for crime
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