How Slavery Has Changed Today 's Modern Society

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How do you define slavery in today’s modern society? The word slavery sparks up heated conversations. The idea that all humans were born with their own rights, no matter what race or class they were in, was not prevalent during the early developmental stages of America. There has always been slaves throughout the history of man, dating all the way back to the 1600’s until today’s day in age when it is no longer legal but still seems to prevail. There are still cases in which slavery still exist but is more commonly hidden from the public eye. The only thing that has changed for slavery is the mindset behind it and the openness for it. Instead of race having to be the main aspect, people believed fate determined if you were free or enslaved. The people of that time believed that if you were born at the bottom of society you were indefinitely going to stay at the bottom in a society of poverty.
How would people describe slaves? A slave is a person who is the property of another person. It is a person who is entirely under the influence or obedience of their proprietor. They are individuals being owned as if they were money and goods. Slavery in America dates all the way back to the early 17th century and was continually practiced for many decades after in the newly formed colonies and states. Slaves were first brought to America to aid in the production of tobacco, but as time went on the demand for cotton increased from the production of the cotton gin, resulting

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