How Small Details Influence a Victory in Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game

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The difference between victory and defeat may be decided only on the ability to notice minor details in tough situations. Ender Wiggin, a 6 year old genius, is able to quickly learn strategies and manipulate his opponents in order to defeat them. When he got time off to talk to his sister valentine on Earth he told her about battle school. He was explaining the battles to her and said, “ Every time, I’ve won because I could understand the way my enemy thought” (Card 238). In Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game, the idea of seeing small details to change defeat into victory is evident when Ender figures out null gravity, understands how to manipulate others, and realizes who the real enemy is. One key to victory is knowing your battle …show more content…

And I played off of that” (Card 238). He is able to quickly understand his opponent and lead him into any and every possible trap. This shows that because of his knowledge for the opponent, he has never lost a single battle. And the reason for his winning streak is his adept ability to notice minor details. This information would be the key point to his main objective: defeating the buggers. While studying film of the first and second battles with the buggers he doesn’t find much. But he does find one thing that stands out. While watching the film, “…he found useful sequences: ships, like points of light, maneuvering in the dark of space, or, better still, the lights on shipboard plotting screens, showing the whole of a battle” (Card 188). In a couple of scenes, he was able to figure how the buggers used decoys and set up traps. More than anyone, Ender realizes that the first step to manipulating your opponent is knowing how they operate. Once again he has figured out an opponent which could lead him to victory. What he soon realizes, though, is that he was fighting the wrong battles. Throughout his life at Battle School he was reminded of who the real enemy was. However, he didn’t realize the consequences until after they had hurt him. After receiving a letter from Val, he started to think about a lot until it finally brought him to remember what his friend Dink had said. He knew, “Dink

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