How Snowboarding Isn 't An American Child Soccer Club

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Standing on one of the tallest mountains in North America feeling the cool, thin, icy wind. I would trade anything to get this experience again. To be 3,000 feet up in a mountain and ride down takes training and skill. Snowboarding isn’t a skill that people are born will, you must adapt to the stance and different position. When people are just starting they usually aren’t alone, most are with friends or family. My friend, Kolin, was the one that got me started into this sport and we still ride together till this day. I thank him so much for sharing the Colorado experience with me, I don’t know where I would be with out him. Kolin and I played on a team called Burlington Youth Soccer Club which was based in Burlington. We’ve been…show more content…
I got all my rental gear for example, my board, helmet, and my boots. The club had it own room where members could leave your belongings and get a lift ticket. Once I got all my gear on and put my ticket on, I was ready to hit the slopes. The first step to learning how to snowboard are the basics skills for example, standing up, back heal stop, toe stop, and shredding. Learning these skills only took 2 days, but the other guys were struggling for a couple more days. When everyone has the basics down, we must keep riding the hills to get better. We rode on two hills called the EZ rider and the terrain. The EZ riders is more for beginners, it’s not as steep as other hills, wider trails, and easier chair lifts to get off. The terrain is a little harder it has jumps, rails, and other obstacles, steeper than most hills, and faster chair lifts. Riding the same hills repetitively slowly became tiresome. With even switching from hill to hill it felt like I was making the same movements, swaying my board side to side. The others guys happen to catch on to the technique faster than I was able to, but that never stopped me. Them getting better only pushed me harder because I wanted to be better than them and eventually I will be. During the next season, everyone in the group from last year dropped out, I was the only one left. Since I loved snowboarding and I showed it, my parents bought me my own board. I’ll never forget my first board, a Burton Clash 2012

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