What Is My Dream In Life Essay

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My dream in life is to become a professional longboarder. It has been a dream of mine for quite some time now and it’s something I really have wanted to become. It’s a goal in my life that I am willing to work for and work towards while putting in as much as effort as I can towards it. Not all goals in life are easy and I don’t think this one will be, it will take time, effort, patience, and the will to go for it. Becoming a professional longboarder can be a life-term goal because it won’t be easy and will take lots of time and effort that I have to put into it. This is something I am putting my mind to when I say I want to do it, I don’t want to give up on it, I want to go as far as I can. For me to become one I will have to learn new things …show more content…

There are lots of tournaments-competitions held for longboarding whether its speed, drifting, or just cruising to a destination. I’m trying to start small with racing/cruising with my friends thru town and my goal is to work up into actual competitions. I have tried drifting and it's hard to do, downhill speed riding is also hard but I am starting to do it more often so I can get better at it. Drifting I’m not the best at it but I can sort of do it a little, I am also starting to crouch down on my board to help with speed and turning. I have met some more people from longboarding thru town and alongside the canyon and it's good experiences to hear what people have to say and the stories that they tell me. Not everyone I meet longboards though I have meet people who've traveled lots of places and explore and there really positive nice people. The biggest reason I want to become a professional longboard would be because it feels amazing to get out of the house and go explore to see what the world is made of. The world is such a beautiful place and one day I would like to travel out of the country and go explore other parts of the world and see what else is out there. Another big part of longboarding is having the right equipment, I have the right board, wheels, and bearings I just need to get a helmet and pads for when I go downhill. Longboarding is just apart of me and makes up some of who I am it helps me open my mind to new things and ideas and helps me when I’m stressed because anytime I know I am, I can just grab my board and go out to see nature. Ever since I have started longboarding I’ve become a more physically active person, more positive about things, and just more peaceful within myself about who I am. Whenever I go longboarding it’s like my meditation it gets things off my mind and clears my head having me think of positive things instead of negative. This

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