How Social Media Encourages Social Change

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Many Americans believe social media is making people waste their time by making us less productive while molding our daily activities as a stumbling block from all the distractions that it gives us. What about our collective life? How are we even going to find out about anyone that requires our help, along with our ways to assist others within that matter? Social media is an essential tool to promote true and lasting social change; because it is easily accessible to everyone worldwide. This is for the reason that is making us all come together, by giving us the ability to stay in contact. Three main points that demonstrate that social media encourages social change are: instigating political change, sharing information not address by the mass media, and communicating online to promote social causes. Politics can make people blind by ignoring crucial issues; thankfully, social media is now giving us the ability to exchange information. The government is only going to show you what they want for you to see, and not what is essential in order to ensure that our rights are not being infringed upon. For this reason news covers so many problems hoping we never find out. According to sociologist Zeynep Tufekci “Nowadays, a network of tweets can unleash a global awareness campaign. A Facebook page can become the hub of a massive mobilization.”(2014, October). Basically, Tufekci is saying that social media is encouraging us to make a move in order to make a difference, especially

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