How Stereotypes Affect Teens

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Stereotypes can be a problem in our society, but they are especially a problem for teenagers. At my school stereotypes impact a wide range of students. My class read “How a Self Fulfilling Stereotype Can Drag Down Performance,” by Writer and novelist, Shankar Vedantam. In his article he argues that telling people about their race before an exam will hurt their performance. He supports his claim by providing statistics on the average test scores of blacks compared to whites. He then explains that “stereotype threats” can be done subconsciously, but they still bring down test scores. Vedantam’s purpose is to make people aware that a simple comment about someone’s race can negatively impact their performance. Because we read Vedantam’s article, we decided to do some research about stereotypes in our school.

The process we used to gather our data started when our teacher gave us sheet of paper with few questions about stereotypes. Some of these questions were: How would your interviewee describe themselves?(Gender, characteristics, ethnicity) When and where do they most often encounter stereotypes? How do they deal with stereotypes? Then she paired us with a partner and had us interview them. Then we interviewed another peer outside of class. Next we anonymously entered the results of the data we collected into a Google form. After that we sorted the table by gender, and ethnicity to find out how certain groups of people reacted to stereotypes.

Our class has been

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