How Student Loan Debt Can Affect One Mentally And Physically Essay

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Student Loan is designed to help students pay for University tuition, books, and living expenses. Student Loan Debt money owed on a loan taken out to pay for educational expenses. Rapidly rising college tuition costs have made student debt the only option to pay for college for many students. I think this is very important because it raises awareness for all college students and post college students looking to use their degrees that they have earned. We have a problem in this country of student loan debt. It is keeping students from being able to live out their dreams and holding many students back after college.
This is not my first time hearing about student loans and how badly they affect one’s life. Growing up, my mother always preached to me the importance of good grades and how they would benefit me in the long run. She always told me that good grades and a good ACT score would get me Scholarship money; money that I do not have to borrow. I know personally how student loan debt can affect one mentally and physically. My mom went to a private institution and could not get enough scholarships and grants pay, so she had no choice but to rely on student loans. She is a social worker making $30,000 a year, and owes more in student loans than her yearly salary. My mom like many others not only had to struggle paying loans, but also had to maintain a household.
In 1958 U.S congress passed (NDEA) National Defense Education Act. That loan act was only for teachers in,

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