How Superheroes Have Changed over Time

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How has Superheroes change through time Thesis Statement/Introduction: The portrayal of superheroes in films has changed in terms of their character, appearance, style and strength. Superheroes has been a popular theme in hollywood films since its inception. They are what peoples imagination can only think of. A perfect human being who saves the world .The first time superhero appeared on T.V was “The Adventures of Captain Marvel” in 1941. Superheroes was on the rise within popular comic books in 1930′s to the 1940’s as well in which they were considered the ‘Golden Age of Comic Books’ . Comic books became widespread and popular which translated into making films about them. Body Paragraph 1 The superhero films was once unheard of by people but the genre has moved to a mainstream audience over time and has gained huge profits by the films that are created. This genre has been on the rise since 1940s when the comics on batman originally came out. Popular stars are always willing to play the main protagonist in the film in order to increase chances of profit. They also need an eye-catching marketing campaign to draw in a new audience by trailers, posters, adverts, sponsors. Body Paragraph 2 What makes us want to watch super heroes? Why do we think them as super-heroes? In films, We follow their battles and their struggles, as we hope they would come out victorious, we actually know they will never lose. The movies now not only target the young
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