Gender Roles In Superhero Films

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Within the realm of cinema, superheroes have inspired a generation of devoted enthusiasts who strive to live their lives with adherence to the values of the venerable characters portrayed within cinema. Indeed, movies such as those within the Marvel or DC universe have created such a devout following, while also accruing tremendous popularity within the global spectrum. Furthermore, the characters depicted within these films represent a figure of high esteem, intelligence, and power in pursuit of preserving society from utter destruction. In determining the extent in which society is beneficially influenced by superhero cinema, one must assess the moral values exhibited throughout these films as well as the societal influence associated with…show more content…
Frequently, most superheroes in cinema are portrayed by male characters rather than women, creating a distinction between gender roles. Indeed, through the passage, “These results may suggest to viewers that women are less important, knowledgeable, and capable than men – and less likely to be a hero” (Miller et. al) women are much less likely to be featured as the hero within the film, and more likely to be featured as the “damsel in distress” of the story. Furthermore, women are much more likely to be depicted in a sexualized fashion, even when displayed in the role of hero. This feature of women with a lack of dominance defies feminism, as they lack roles in superhero films and they are portrayed with the sole purpose of boasting…show more content…
Through my analyzation of these values, I have assessed the relevance of superheroes in cinema through the impact of American popular culture, the contrast of gender roles, and their impact on children. As a result, society should be gracious toward the immense popularity of superhero films, as they bolster American popular culture and positively impact children from a young age. Although the gender roles might be a bit skewed, many film companies are taking steps to include women in more empowering roles such as Wonder Woman in the DC cinematic universe. Therefore, superheroes in cinema tend to only create and preserve positive characteristics within society, which is glorious in the future of mankind. In closing, I end with the question, “Which superhero best depicts
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