How Technology Has Revolutionized The Era Of The World Essay

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In 21st century America many people rely on cell phones and computers more than ever. Companies such as Apple and Google have been on top of the technology industry for years. As we approach a new era of technology we see no limit of what can be accomplished. But these advancements also brings consequences. One might ask, how was it possible that technology has revolutionized the era we live, not only that but the question of our intelligence is brought up frequently and if we have forgotten old traditions such as reading a map or our interaction with people. It seems as if it was just yesterday the internet was at its infancy. The internet was created by the U.S. department of defense during the cold war for the sole purpose to compete with Russia when they launched sputnik. Mosaic was the first browser to make navigating the internet better. Netscape and Internet explorer followed right after and were amongst the few to dominate the web browsing industry. During 1969, America put a man on the moon using technology nowhere near as advanced as todays modern day. In 1971 see the invention of the microprocessor, which made the personal computer possible and from that point we built upon the computer, maximizing what can be put out with a monitor, a hard drive and a keyboard. As the years move on we see an approach by many companies to simplify and improve how we interact with the technological world. We see improvements to help us navigate through the web much easier rather

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