How Tenskwatawa Has A Negative View Toward The American Culture

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Tenskwatawa is a prophet among the Indians who claims to have died and ascended above whereby he received a vision from his creator who seems to be angered with their acts of abandoning their culture and their ways of life to engulf the white man’s way of life, hence wants to bring a punishment to them. From his creator, he has been told to remind the people of the way they were given resources by their creator and never begged for anything. He, therefore, brings a message of warning and reminding on the consequences awaiting them if they will not retrieve their ways of life. He, therefore, tells them, unless they change their ways they will be punished. Tenskwatawa has a negative view towards the American culture. This is distinctly seen in the manner he is talking about the American and French commodities that they used to batter trade long time ago. He says that they used to exchange their fur for the blankets and wools, their guns and iron for the steal, axes and needle for beads and mirrors, however, in his final statement we see him regretting a lot for having done that since it was a sign of foolishness. He goes forward to say that he has discovered that the things of the white men have corrupted his community, and made them needful and weak at the same time. He views the American culture to be a curse in their community which has wasted the time of women by looking at the mirror; the culture has also made the people forget the ways in which they looked for food hence
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