How The Americas Impacted Europe

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How the Finding of the Americas Impacted Europe

The relationship between the European powers and Asia had always had a great impact on our world’s history. Whether it was Genghis Khan rising from the steppe to take control of Europe, or the impact of the trade on the Silk Road between china and the far west. Europeans relied on Asian sources for medicines, spices, and all kinds of luxury goods that were unavailable elsewhere. The desire to profit from this trade impelled men to take great risk to find an alternative route around the Ottoman Empire to eastern Asia. Christopher Columbus set out from Spain in 1492 with exactly this mission in mind. His goal was to locate a safe trade passage to the Indies in India and also locating a way to china and the larger part of the Asian continent without the need of going through the Turks. However, what he found instead was something he had only heard about in legend and in myth. "This is a land to be desired - and once seen, never to be relinquished (Columbus).” This is an excerpt from Christopher Columbus’s first letter to Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand, regarding his findings and observations of the new land that he had found which we now know to be the Americas. Columbus, while he may not have known it at the time, was about to change Europe forever. Europe was falling behind the Ottoman Empire and was desperate for ways to gain access to trade that was strictly beneficial and one that they could potentially monopolize. The…
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