How The Behaviours And Body Languages Of Males And Females During A Bus Ride By Using Participant Observation Essay

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On November 13, I decided to analyze how the behaviours and body languages of males and females during a bus ride by using participant observation as my method of collecting data (also commonly known as ethnographic field notes). I did this experiment by taking the Translink #49 bus from the University of British Columbia bus loop at 1 PM in the afternoon to the final stop, Metrotown Station and rode the same bus back to campus at 6 PM in the evening. I believe the data I have gathered from this observation is very interesting because in Canada, there is an emphasis on closing the sex gap between males and females by showing that there are little or no differences (excluding the physical sense) between the two. Therefore, I was curious if there were behavioural and social variations between the two sexes in an open space, and I thought that observing other people’s actions and body languages on a public transportation like the bus would be able to answer my questions if there were differences . I would argue that we can learn a lot from the way we act through the patterns I have seen and use that to be more conscious about our actions when we hop on a bus ride. Originally, I expected to find little difference between the two sexes, because I did not anticipate that humans would act differently due to their sex in a closed space that they had to stay in for a temporary amount of time. However, my findings have shown that there are varying patterns of behaviour between males

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