How The Signs That Can Be Present Within These Phenomena

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Photography in itself, is a means of communication, it can be used in a variety of ways in order to narrate the world around us [Campbell, D (2010)]. As a species, humanity itself has proven to be visual beings, creating pictures across a variety of mediums in order to express ourselves and represent what is happening in the world around us. Images, whether they be paintings, drawings, or photographs, have played and continue to play a very important part in our society, as everyone is able to understand the image and interpret the story from it, despite barriers such as language which may prohibit initial communication, and the work of scholars and anthropologists, and even consumers of visual culture work tirelessly to decrypt and derive meaning from these mediums [Perlmutter, DD (2003)]. Analysis and understanding of the signs that can be present within these phenomena is known as ‘semiotics’, which is derived from the Greek word semeion, for ‘sign’. It can be applied across a broad range of cultural mediums used in communication. Semiotics stresses the open-ended possibilities for any interpretation and the indeterminacy of meaning that can be taken from visual cues, and within photography, signs and visual communication of a story is paramount [Semiotics (2010)]. But is photography, in particular, landscape photography, able to convey the fullness of a story, and can everyone interpret the images and signs within those images the way they were meant to be understood, or

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