How The Surgical Floor Works And How A Normal Day On The Floor Will Look Like

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Look Back This week for clinical I was doing my first day on the surgical floor for this semester’s placement. I was able to begin to understand how the surgical floor works and how a normal day on the floor will look like.
Examine Experience For this reflection instead of focusing on a specific situation I am going to be reflecting on my feeling throughout the shift. Going into the clinical rotation I was really looking forward to a experiencing the new pace of the surgical floor. Last semester I was on Medicine A. While I doubt I want to work full time on medicine I did fine it as a very easy way to transfer from Long Term Care to the Hospital. I found that it really taught me to prioritize and spend my time wisely while on the floor, because even through it was a slower pace, there was a lot to complete each shift. It also helped me to work on creating therapeutic nurse-client relationships not only with my assign patient but also for the patients I was helping by answering call bells. I found all of this gave me a good background to go into the surgical floor. Even from the moment of report I could tell the more serious feel from how the nurses went through report, it was quick, informative and effective. I was nervous about meeting my co-assign because I did not ever really have a good experience with them on Medicine. However I found my co-assign this week was approachable and answered all of my questions and even helped explain the differences between how she does

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