Using John 's Model Of Structured Reflection

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The operating theatre is a multidisciplinary, highly demanding, and stressful environment. There is a variety of learning opportunities that can be encountered and be discussed. In this reflective paper, I will look deeper in my experience of the safe surgery checklist, infection control, and moving & handling practises inside the theatre. Furthermore, using John’s model of structured reflection (1995), I will criticise the significant events that happened in my placement of practise. A SAFE CULTURE: PRACTISING THE SAFE SURGERY CHECKLIST Never events are serious, largely preventable patient safety incidents that should not occur (NPSA 2010). Being in the surgical aspect of nursing, keeping patients safe throughout their surgical…show more content…
Knowing the importance of the critical steps of the WHO Safety Checklist I wanted to go through all the checks as much as possible. By providing a team brief form before each list, I was able to visually remind the team to perform team briefing before we start. Furthermore, prior to the end of the surgery, I often speak loud that the count is complete and state the name of the specimen taken as a verbal reminder to the scrub practitioner that he/she would need to do the SIGN OUT. Collins (2014), suggests that there should be a culture of trust, a shared vision for safety and active communication for a successful implementation of the checklist. By doing a simple act, I was able to communicate the significance of a team brief and sign out in enhancing patient safety and preventing mistakes. I believe that as I constantly practise this, it would eventually be inculcated to everyone to always do the team briefing. I felt that I am helping in creating a safe work environment and preventing adverse events. Equipped with the knowledge of how the WHO surgical checklist minimises the risks of adverse surgical incidents, I am keen in the performance of these safety checks. As Perry and Kelly (2014) highlighted, the WHO surgical safety checklist has heightened the understanding and focus of surgical safety, thereby, I try to do it habitually so that I will be
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