How The Thin Ideal Is Affecting Women

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What is beauty and who decides what is beautiful? It seems that beauty is no longer in the eye of the beholder but in they eye of media. Media has influenced the perception of what is being considered beautiful today. Media constantly portrays tall thin women and this is what many women strive for. This phenomenon has come to be known as the Thin Ideal. Although, it is unclear where this term originated from, Harrison (2008) describes this term as the way that media has “glamorized” the thin body. They create a fear in girls of even a little body fat because this ideal woman has little to no body fat. This review examines research on how the Thin Ideal is affecting women; specifically, its effect on a woman’s body image, weight satisfaction, gender differences, age differences and eating habits. Body Image: They way that many women look at their body image is by finding self- discrepancies. Bessenoff (2006) describes self-discrepancies, as the way that women feel that they “fall short” when compared to what they believe to be the standard. Media would have us believe that the standard is the models they show us daily. Tucci and Peters (2008) found that around nighty percent of models are below the average weight. Ahern, Bennett, and Hetherington (2008) researched what women believed to be normal or average weight. When shown images many women identified pictures of women that were underweight as normal. The researchers said that they believe the media is making thin and
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