How Theme Shapes a Story

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Running Head: Theme How Theme Shapes a Story By Trina Carr English 125 Instructor: Clifton Edwards Running Head: Theme page 1 Like many people who haven’t studied literature, if someone asked me what the theme of a story was, I would have given a synopsis of the story detailing the actions and characters in it. As I have come to learn, theme is much more than a distilled retelling of a story. Theme gives a story a deeper meaning. The theme focuses the story and is the behind the scenes force that propels the story forward. In other words it gives the story purpose and shape. “Theme will attempt to hold all the elements of your story…show more content…
Running Head: Theme page 2 She furthers uses an image like the missing pine trees, which are a symbol of immortality, to bring to life the understanding that death has arrived. When Rhys uses cold the reader and the character herself realize the meaning of the journey death. The introduction of cold allows the reader to understand that the journey has come to an end and is irreversible. Character also builds theme in a story. According to our text when looking at how characters shape theme you should ask” how do characters make a particular aspect of the underlying area clear?” (Clugston, R 2010) This is a good place to start when looking at Rhys’ story. The author used the characters thoughts and feeling to unfold the symbols in the story. The author also did not give a physical description on the woman, this adds to furthering the theme of the journey in the story. The woman is no longer a live and therefore she doesn’t need a body. It is clear from the symbols pointed out by the woman that she is leading us on this journey. As the character reaches the end her journey, we as the reader does as well. Rhys layers the symbols at the end of the story so the reader begins to rapidly connect the dots in there meaning. Running Head: Theme page 3 References Bain,T. (2010) Theme is what unifies your story. Writer (Kalmbach Publishing Co.) 123(3). 21 Clugston, W.
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