How To Laser Hair Removal?

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Laser hair removal may be your best option if you spend hours shaving, plucking or waxing unwanted hair. It is a procedure that uses a high concentration of light impulses to target the pigment or melanin in the hair follicles. When the pigment absorbs the light as heat, the follicle is destroyed and can no longer grow hair.

Laser hair removal is suitable for men and women. It is useful for removing hair on the face, arms, underarm, legs and bikini line. It is a precise procedure that does not damage the surrounding skin. Our expert may remove one hair at a time on your upper lip or chin or may remove larger areas about the size of a quarter on the legs, back or chest.

Laser hair removal effectively slows hair growth, but it does not guarantee
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Before your treatment, you should avoid direct sunlight on the treatment area for about six weeks and should not wax or pluck for about six weeks before treatment. However, you can shave because this does not affect the follicle. In fact, our specialist may ask you to shave the treatment area the day before your treatment.

During the procedure, you will be given eye protection from the laser. Our trained technician may apply a cool gel to the treatment area to help the laser penetrate the skin. After the procedure, your skin may feel like it is sunburned. You will be given ice packs, anti-inflammatory creams or painkillers to ease the discomfort. Your next treatment will be four to six weeks later. You should apply sunscreen if the treatment area may be in sunlight. If the treatment is on your face, you may wear makeup the next day. At first, it may look like the hair is growing longer, but this is the falling out process.

Laser hair removal is a fast, safe and effective way to say goodbye to excess hair on your face, legs, underarms, chest and back. You will no longer need to worry about constantly shaving, plucking or
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