How To Legalize Stem Cell Research Persuasive Essay

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Many people in the U.S. are diagnosed with rare diseases annually. Don’t you feel that it is a good idea to help cure diseases? I do! Stem cell research could be the key to curing many elements. However, there are others who are against furthering this cause. I feel that these individuals are lacking the information on this topic. I hope that I can persuade you to see the benefits out-weigh the risks and how lives can be saved through legalized stem cell research. What are stem cells? Stem cells are immature cells that have the potential to become specialized as a different cell throughout the body. In simpler terms stem cells are cells that can become another cell and help a damaged part of the body. There are 2 different types of stem cells adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells. Adult stem cells are found in adults, children, infants, and umbilical cords. Obtaining adult stem cells from these sources does no harm to them. Embryonic stem cells are different from adult stem cells by how they are obtained. Embryonic stem cells are obtained through miscarried or still-born fetuses. Many people are against embryonic stem cells because of the religious and ethical aspect. But in clinical trials stem cell research has proven to be beneficial. Stem cell research is the studying of stem …show more content…

By furthering stem cell research, some diseases that do not have a cure may be deemed curable through further research. Although some medical issues are already benefitted through stem cells furthering this research could cure those medical problems that do not already have a cure. According to The National Institute of Health, stem cell research has already developed immensely and helps people with heart disease and Parkinson's. If continuing this research means curing millions with medical problems isn't it worth

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