How To Lose Crime In Canada

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It is commonly known that crime in Canada has gone down over the last few years, and that this is or has been advertised in just about every online news outlet in Canada. Overall, this is great! However, we still see and hear about many stories based around crime daily in the news, and this is not surprising. What is though, is that the crime reported in the news is typically violent crime, regardless of the fact that crime statistics typically indicate that only about 10 percent of crimes committed in Canada are actually violent. Stats Canada (2014) indicates that there are approximately 340,000 violent crime violations (e.g. homicide, sexual assault, robbery) per year. This may sound like a lot, and it is! But not when you consider that there is approximately 1,00,000 property crime violations (e.g. break and enter; theft over 5,000) and 582,000 other crime violations (e.g. administration of justice violations, impaired driving, drug violations) per year. It is argued that the media disproportionately reports violent crime because is more serious and creates a better news story, which in turn gains more views for the media. Not many people would be intrigued hearing about how many parking violations occurred that day or how many petty thefts occurred. Non-violent crime is unintentionally, and sometimes …show more content…

Accordingly, the area of interest being explored here is the media's coverage of the decrease of violent crime in comparison to the decrease in non-violent crime. Does the media accurately show that there is a decrease in both? Or is the focus only on the decrease of violent crime? The medium being used for this content analysis are online Canadian news outlets. The purpose of this study analysis will be to assess what the media deems important, and what it decides to cover in relation to a decrease in crime in

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