How To Prevent Global Warming In Canada

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Global warming is a concern to everybody in Canada. Unless Canadians act now, the problems will increase and become a massive controversy for future generations. Shocking to say,but, Canada has about 0.5 percent of the world’s population, but yet contributes to about 2 percent of the total greenhouse gas emissions. Along with that, in 2005, Canadians emitted about 747 megatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent of greenhouse gas emissions.
As a result of Canadians’ actions, Canada is facing shifting rainfall patterns, rising temperatures, increases in certain types of hazardous weather like heat waves, and the polar ice caps are melting, resulting in habitat loss for animals such as polar bears.
Although, there are simple ways Canadians can prevent
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This would be a considerable way to lessen the amount of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere. When fuel is burned, sulphur combines with oxygen which construct emissions that contribute to decreased air quality and have negative environmental effects. The government of Canada says they would reduce the average sulphur content in gasoline by nearly 70 percent. This means there would be reductions in air pollutant emissions from vehicles. By obtaining a car that is well suited for the person and is eco-friendly, is one thing that makes a great difference in reducing the effects of global warming. Generally speaking, Canadians need to take major action now in order to lessen the effects of global warming. In the first place, Canadians are capable of saving energy from their own home. In addition to that, Canadians are capable of researching about where their food comes from. Furthermore, the Canadian government is adept of making strict greenhouse gas emission regulations on cars. It is important to act now and help save the planet before it is too late and suffer through the harsh
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