How To Prove Mr Bauumer's Loss Of Innocence

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This paragraph will state reasons to prove Mr. Baumers innocence. It started when Baumer was trying to get Slade to pay his bills. They got into a fight and Slade was the first to swing. Slade went off with his horse across the snowy land, despite the fight that had just took place. If Slade had paid his bills along with being nice to Baumer, he would still be alive. These prove Baumer is innocent. This will include reasons to prove Mr. Baumer isn't innocent. Slade was bringing things from miles away on dangerous icy roads and land. He never made it back at all from his ‘journey’. Mr. Baumer had sent Slade out to get supplies, knowing how cold and dangerous it was. Mr. Baumer had bought a barrel full of poison and probably gave some to Slade.

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