How To Tell A True War Story Essay

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“How to tell a true war story” by Tim O’brien was a short story that I read in my Enlgish 102 class that made me think about how powerful our minds are. Reading the short story numerous times gave me a realization that I must apprecaite ones feelings and emotions becasue there is always something so much deeper that at times we arent able to comprehend as human. There are many points in this story that prove that this story wasn’t just a war story but more like a love story.The enviorment also plays a huge factor in the way a person may think or act. It covers many angels such as love, sad, happiness,hurt,pain and even excitement. It also taught me to learn, grow and value the life other others even when you may never know the…show more content…
There was so much more beauty to being at war in the eyes of these young men that made it easier to cope with feelings and understanding of what actually happened. Everyday life we hear stories that are altered and that why i could learn to appreciate the little things because it gives it more reason and detail thats underlying who a person is. My perspective on viewing other are so much different now because we all have our own way of dealing with things and unfortunately in “How to tell a true war story” there was no other way but to glorify the death of his Kat’s best friend. This story made me think twice about perception and what it really means when it comes to humans. Our minds are very powerful in what we interpret and how we interpret things especially when the environment plays a factor too. As I’ve become older there are many things that seem.Although i don't know the science or psychology of PTSD but i do believe that your mind always believes what you tell it so we must feed our mind with love, happiness and peaceful thought. What you feed yourself is what you will become.Not everyone will say truth to a story so we must be mindful too.The truth can always become a lie and a lie can always become a truth. I appreciate this story that much more becasue it defentily can be anyone that can tell tell you a “story” but what matters is how what truth you get out of the
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