How To Write A Betrayal Essay

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Betrayal may be the key to helping oneself. A person may betray its family, culture, or tribe and sometimes it may be all three. If a person betrayed something that had a negative effect on them they may be awarded friends, respect, and support. Junior in Sherman Alexie’s novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian was awarded all three. Junior is a Spokane Indian that left his Reservation school for a richer and better school called Reardan. Junior let down his tribe, family, and culture when he left to go to Reardan, but he gained more friends, support, and respect. While he was attending Reardan he was more respected by his peers. The betrayal positively effected Junior because of the friends, support, and respect that he gained. Junior is treated better at Reardan than at the Reservation. People that attend the Reservation made fun of him and beat him up, but when he was at Reardan Junior established dominance and was no longer made fun of. Junior said how he “punched…show more content…
Junior gained friends while he was at Reardan. Junior was shocked when “Penelope chose me to be her new friend” (192 online), since he only had Rowdy as a friend at the Reservation. When Junior was at Reardan he talked to different people, and made new friends. When Gordy and Junior had a conversation Junior said “we became friends” (79 online). Junior was a poor kid and did not have a lot of money. He was scared to tell everyone that he was poor because he “figured it wouldn’t do any good if they knew he was dirt poor” (99 online). However, when his friends found out they felt sorry for him, and he said that they were “Being a really good friend” (106 online). When Roger found out that he had no money, he was being a good friend and “lent him money” (106 online). The way Junior was treated at Reardan, let him know that he was liked by many
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