How To Write A Letter To The Columbian Exchange

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Vanessa Carranza, History 011, Section number:1017 25 April 1607 I can hear the waves crashing into The Discovery causing the endless back and forth motion cradling me back to reality. I am not alone on this quest, there are two other ships who accompany The Discovery they are Susan Constant and Godspeed, with us on this voyage is a group of 104 men to find gold and colonize Virginia. It is cold and dark beneath the decks, suddenly the swaying of this ship and the constant smell of rotting lumber is turning my stomach upside down. I have not had a breath of fresh air nor have I felt the warmth of the sun in weeks. Physically, I am deteriorating and the men up above will not dare sympathize with me because of the fear of mutiny they too show me no mercy. Newport has already threatened to hang me! I will not dare holler a word for it is already too late and I don’t…show more content…
Nor have I seen my page, Samuel Collier in what seems days. I wonder what Newport will do him or perhaps they have already forced him to walk the plank. He is usually the one they send to bring nourishment and water but that is if they recall I am here. I’m growing mad in this small cell imprisoned because I am accused of mutiny under Captain Christopher Newport. The only thing that gives me hope is Virginia, I give value to honor King James under the Virginia Company of London. I can not let him down! I am here on this quest with or against these men. I’ve escaped slavery once and went as far as beheading three men for my freedom. I must find that same courage and think of an exquisite plan to escape this unforeseeable situation once I reach the mainland. My life is at stake and I have gone through such great measures to be alive. I will find a way to escape my harsh reality on the sea but I must
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